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This Course has switched from VIMEO to THINKIFIC as the online learning platform.
Doctors who have purchased can still watch the course on VIMEO.  

  1. Make payment for online course first at
    Pay and you will gain immediate access to the online course 
    Watch the 12hr course and pass the test questions.


  2. In the online course, there is a 30-day time element.
    You can study the material at your own pace, as much as you want for 30 days.
    You are solely responsible to learn the knowledge in order to pass the test. 


  3. At the end of each course, there will be a multiple choice exam based on the material covered. 
    The exam has unlimited re-takes. 


  4. Upon passing, your certificate of completion will be emailed to you for your records and
    sent to PACE for credits and as your CE provider.
     I will retain all CE course records for future reference. 


  5. Any problems, send email to

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