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Would you like your golf abilities to be transformed and have the swing of your dreams?
Would you like to receive 10years of PGA golf lessons in just one week?
Have you always wanted to play golf but didn't know how or where to begin?

This is a unique cruise experience that is designed to teach you everything you need to play golf correctly.  Regardless, if you have never touched a golf club, everyone will learn how to play golf and start enjoying this great game forever. We deliver world-class PGA golf instructional program that provides world-class golf instruction with the most current golf technology as used by the PGA Tour players.  Our instructional program includes daily golf instruction/education combined with on-board exercises/drills and  "real" playing lessons with your golf pro. Your pro will be filming your swing at every course to better correct/teach your specific mistakes.  You will get over 20hrs of golf instruction in this incredible golf package. 

Our golf school is very unique because you will have a on-board PGA professional with you all week.  Your PGA professional will give golf instruction on the sea days and play with you in a "real-life" playing lesson.  The combination of instructional and personal attention will provide an golf learning experience that will accelerate the golf learning process.  You get 10years worth of PGA golf lessons in a one-week cruise. 


Raj Jackson, PGA Director of Instruction


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